As an upcoming singer, songwriter I do put in the effort to connect with like minded people via various social media channels. I do want to connect with people who would enjoy my writing, my music and I could learn from their feedback and get motivated with their support. So, I just recently...
    This is the part two of The 4 steps to building an Influencer Marketing Program for your brand. I have covered first two steps in my previous blog (Part 1) where you can read all about how to plan your influencer marketing strategy, set goals and discover the right influencers for your program....
    One of the biggest trends currently in content marketing is Influencer Marketing. People are easier to be persuaded and convinced by people rather than trusting brands or advertisers that usually have one common aim: to sell directly. Today’s consumers are craving more authenticity and honestly...
    February 5, 2017
    LUHA - Blue Whale Swedes are well known for their great songwriting skills in the pop, electronic music industry and LUHA is one of them. I've recently come across this young artist and her beautiful dark synth-pop track "Blue Whale" and the new singer explains that the song is about her...
    February 2, 2017
    I had the honour of talking to one of the new upcoming artist's, CYN, Chicago-based singer&songwriter who is about to drop new music in 2017 and blow your mind. I asked her a couple of questions and truly enjoyed our conversation. 1. How would you describe yourself in three words? " empathetic,...
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