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Album Review: A Seat at the Table

American singer-songwriter Solange (Solange Piaget Knowles) released her third studio album "A Seat at the Table" on Friday, 30 September 2016. A 21-track pop/r&b record radiates a healing vibe throughout the album and includes collaborations with such artists like Lil Wayne, The-Dream, Kelela, and Master P.

In an interview with The Fader, Solange explains her long 4-year process of writing the album and how it's a part personal memoir, part cultural analysis and a remedy for the intergenerational traumas of her own past.

She also reveals how the songwriting creative process might seem backwards to how most songs are usually written:

"The actual lyric writing of the album is tricky when you’re so sold to a melody. The little nuances and syllables and things that you’re saying might sound one way, and when you fill in the lyrics, it changes the essence of it. I allowed myself to have that space, because I didn’t want to force myself to write anything that didn’t truly come from the soul.

Solange wants her role to be clear in these songs while at the same time allow people to have a personalised experienced listening to this album.Those who are looking to escape the reality and get drawn into Solange's storytelling, can simply do so by playing the fifty-one minute's of A Seat at the Table and enjoy the calming, hypnotising r&b beats, piano sounds with Solange's dreamy and soulful vocals that expresses the pain, anger, sadness and cynicism in the most beautiful musical form.

Solange’s A Seat At The Table track-list:

1. Rise
2. Weary (Additional Vocals blessed by Tweet)
3. Interlude: The Glory Is In You
4. Cranes In The Sky
5. Interlude: Dad Was Mad
6. Mad Ft. Lil Wayne (Additional Vocals blessed by Moses Sumney and Tweet)
7. Don’t You Wait
8. Interlude: Tina Taught Me
9. Don’t Touch My Hair Ft. Sampha
10. Interlude: This Moment (Additional vocals Devonte Hynes of Houston Texas and Lu of Carolina)
11. Where Do We Go (Additional vocals blessed by Sean Nicholas Savage)
12. Interlude: For Us By Us
13. F.U.B.U. Ft. The Dream & BJ The Chicago Kid (Additional Vocals blessed by Tweet)
14. Borderline (An Ode To Self Care) Ft. Q-Tip
15. Interlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It Ft. Kelly Rowland & Nia Andrews
16. Junie
17. Interlude: No Limits
18. Don’t Wish Me Well
19. Interlude: Pedestals
20. Scales Ft. Kelela

21. Closing: The Chosen Ones

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