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FEB 17' music picks

LUHA - Blue Whale

Swedes are well known for their great songwriting skills in the pop, electronic music industry and LUHA is one of them. I've recently come across this young artist and her beautiful dark synth-pop track "Blue Whale" and the new singer explains that the song is about her influences and experiences by nature and different cultures, as her family roots are from the Philippines.

In here music LUHA writes about the human dependence on nature, sea, its beautiful creatures and the dark side of it. “Blue Whale” is my way to show appreciation of the ocean, explains LUHA.
Listening to her mysterious vocal lines and the multi-layered textures of synths and drums, Blue Whale is a stunning finding to add to my February 17' playlist.

Ella Vos - Down In Flames

LA-based singer&songwriter and visual artist Ella Vos is one to look out for in 2017, as mentioned in Rolling Stone magazine. I found out about Ella last year when she released "Rolling Dice", a collaboration with Australian producer Just a Gent. This year, Ella has already presented a new song called "Down In Flames". Indie, Electro-Pop singer Ella Vos explains that in her songwriting she loves to be honest and express herself straight to the point to those who enjoy listening to her music. In a catchy, minimalistic electro-pop production, her vocals sound simply charming, soft and fits well with the story behind "Down In Flames".

If we're going down
We're going down in flames
Flying round the highway
We're tryina get away

MAAD - Touch Me (feat. Ro James)

Why did we have to wait for so long to hear "Touch Me", a sensual 90's RnB collaboration between the NYC girl, singer&songwriter/DJ MAAD and the American soul singer&songwriter, Ro James? The song has everything I wanted to hear in February - seductive vocals, groovy rhythms with sultry lyrics and more for your own imagination. Perfectly said by THE 405, make sure you're not in public when you press play or you're bound to make someone blush. "Touch Me" is a very fresh release by the artist MAAD and has already been featured on blogs like This Is RnB, MEDIABASEHQ, Singers Room and more.

I like the way you touch me,
Slow and easy, rolling down the highway
With my hair in the wind, yeah
Baby come touch me

I'm lonely, and I need you to hold me
But take it easy, I hope you're there waiting by the stairwell
Count it every minute I wait bay, yeah yeah uuh
Come on, yeah

Nakala - Mango

UK-based RnB/Soul singer&songwriter and producer Nakala has recently presented her new "tropical" single "Mango", produced by SIX4, Jonah & disfnk. This song is a perfect combination of Soul, RnB and Hip Hop vibes. I was dreaming away while listening to Nakala's sweet, effortless vocals in a beautiful composition that is "Mango", and the song gave me shivers, as it's truly refreshing and addictive. I'm waiting for more music from the young, talented Nakala this year and I'm sure she'll deliver top tunes very soon!

Oh I'm bout it coz you so about it
Falling coz you fallen for me
And I tell you coz you went and told me
It's been good getting to know me,

Listen I got your heart in my hands yo
Your love is sweeter than mango
But there's still room in my hands for
All of your skin I can't handle, can't handle

Ayelle - No Harm

London-based Swedish-Iranian singer&songwriter Ayelle, who is also actively involved is feminism and women's rights describes her sound as bittersweet "arousing pleasure tinged with sadness or pain". Her songwriting is somewhat seductive, controversial and holds a deep meaning as music is how Ayelle expresses herself best.

When I heard "No Harm", I was intrigued to know what is the story behind it. The singer explains, this song is about trying to understand the reasoning and frame of mind of three different rapists, who probably don’t understand that they are rapists. She has released "No Harm" a few months ago and it seems like Ayelle is teasing her fans on Instagram and is about to release a new track on 7th February, so keep an eye out!


About the author:
Always being surrounded by music and words, Eliza is currently blogging, writing songs and keeping an eye on the new emerging talents in the music industry. Based in London, the culture capital of the world, she explores various music genres and cultures that reflect in her own work. To be featured on the blog please contact:

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