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How to break into the music industry? (Being an artist in 2017)

The future of Music Business...

The music industry is changing enormously as the years go by and the future of music business is unpredictable for those who are looking to break into this industry. Artists need to learn about their craft and know it in and out, only then they can potentially partnership with a record label and have a long lasting career in this business.

Record Labels are Looking For Well-Established Artists, Influencers.

Those days when record labels were able to fully participate and invest in artist's development from the very beginning are long gone. Today we hear more about how labels can no longer take financial risks signing artists who are at their early stages but instead are looking for well-established artists and influencers who already have a large following and the qualities a record label needs in order to successfully work with them. Therefore, it is important for upcoming artists to learn as much as they can about their industry, artist's development and how can they successfully build their audience, and understand the power tools of social media and how to connect with their fans directly.

1) Do your research about the record label or a music organisation you want to be a part of. Know the people and their roles, learn about the company's culture and understand how they work.

2) Look for funding and other opportunities to execute your ideas - record your music, manage a band, write a blog, start your own music business. Be creative and invest in your ideas because you don't necessary need to wait for someone else to give you an opportunity to start getting involved in the industry you are passionate about.

3) Start somewhere and build your way up. If you want to work in the music industry but you don't have an experience, get an internship in a role that you are interested in or apply for a junior role and learn as much as you can to then work your way up.

4) Market your music directly to your audience and learn how to effectively communicate through social media.

5) Make yourself be heard and noticed, always keep your head up because nothing is easy and only those who push the limits will find their way to success.

6) Be genuine with your creativity, make music that comes from you and have a niche that will make you stand out.

The relationship between a record label and an artist is now about partnership and artists need to be on their own feet before they reach out to labels. They also need to be able to make money from live gigs and direct music sales before they partnership with a label. The most important aspect for new aspiring artists is to build a strong following, connect and nurture the relationship with people who will buy their music and attend live shows. It is possible to establish a successful and a lasting music career but it definitely takes a lot of work, patience and willingness to adapt.

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