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Interview: CYN

"Expression is my first love and music is my medium."

I had the honour of talking to one of the new upcoming artist's, CYN, Chicago-based singer&songwriter who is about to drop new music in 2017 and blow your mind. I asked her a couple of questions and truly enjoyed our conversation.

1. How would you describe yourself in three words?
" empathetic, youthful, dynamic "

2. When do you feel most inspired to create?
" I feel most inspired to create when I am feeling extremes. For example, when I'm very happy, very sad, very in love, or very heart broken (the list goes on...), but I have a hard time finding inspiration when I am at equilibrium. "

3. What are your long-term goals for 2017-2018?
" I want to release music and perform many shows!! "

4. Are you a full-time musician and what are other areas you're interested in?
" I am a full-time musician. Expression is my first love and music is my medium. Besides music, I love to write words in general-- poetry, stories, prose, synthesis essays, etc! "

5. What do you think is the best way for new artists to find a manager and a label to work with?

" To find a label or a manager, you have to have a body of work that accurately portrays your skills-- like a portfolio of songs. Also, it is important to have a clear and consistent online presence. That means your website and all social media needs to be aligned with who you are and the kind of person you hope to portray through your art. "

6. Are you an independent artist or working with a record label?
" I am not an independent artist anymore. I signed to a record label in March of 2016 (you'll find out more about that when I release music this year 😀 ). "
For many artists, being unsigned, is not always easy to find gigs. How did you make music your full-time career?

" I made music my full-time career by curating a private collection of songs and sending them to music publishers and labels. Also, its soooo important to nurture and foster relationships-- though, I think many young musicians make the mistake of asking a favor of someone during their first conversation with an important someone. This comes off entirely insincere and is the worst way to establish any kind of relationship. When meeting someone for the first time, the goal of the conversation should be to create/find a genuine connection. "

7. Did you ever have a moment in your career when you thought, it's not working? And did you always know that you'll stay in the industry no matter what and won't change your career path?
" I would go in and out of believing in myself, and I still do. I think it's important to doubt yourself occasionally because our confidence needs to be balanced and grounded with a bit of insecurity (but not too much!). This little fear I have of not making is part of my motivation to be better, to practice, to try harder-- I never let it get the best of me though. "

8. Where do you find inspiration to keep going and how do you keep your head up when times get rough?

" I literally cannot stop-- I wake up singing, it's just a part of me. When times get rough, I tell myself that my art is part of my purpose and the reason why I am a conscious being on this planet-- that's what gets me through.​"

9. What do you think of the music industry and how technology and digital world impacts artists today?
" It's unfortunate that artists are not making as much money selling physical copies, but I love the emphasis being placed on live performances now. I think it's incredible that we can listen to music wherever and whenever we want! I don't know what I would do without the MP3. I owe my entire career to the internet, I could never fully condemn it. "

10. Knowing that there is no formula, what are your top three suggestions for new artists who want to break into the music industry?

" -have a consistent and clear online presence

-practice every single day-- in new ways and old

-meet people!!!! "

We will surely hear more about this young lady in 2017 and I can't wait for more music!
Thank you, CYN! x

About the author:
Always being surrounded by music and words, Eliza is currently blogging, writing songs and keeping an eye on the new emerging talents in the music industry. Based in London, the culture capital of the world, she explores various music genres and cultures that reflect in her own work. To be featured on the blog please contact:

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