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Music Trends in 2017

With social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube becoming integral tools in the world of music and Spotify being the leader in streaming services, the industry participants are going to experience some majors changes in 2017. Some experts say that it's going to be a golden era for the music industry.

Digital Artists

Have you heard of the new Anglo-American singer Beatie Wolfe who has been nominated for the "Best Digital Artist" award and is continuously creating new tangible formats for music? She has already released a single as a musical jacket and album as a series of digitally interactive cards, and, in 2017 she is planning to take it further and collaborate with award-winning designers I/O and inventors Bell Labs to release more music, writes Paul Hanford.
With all the digital tools available today, we can expect more innovative and creative ideas that artists are going to use to release and promote their craft.

Spotify Analytics

Nicola Roberts has expressed her concerns about Spotify starting to dictate how writers and producers create songs today. "My fear is that a lot of new music will make you feel great in the moment but won't stick with you emotionally," says Nicola. Apparently, Spotify analytics can tell labels when a particular track isn't making it onto any playlists because it's skipped after a few seconds, this has caused songwriters and producers to follow certain guidelines when creating music that can become repetitive.


Ed Sheeran used Snapchat to promote his new album ‘÷’ (‘Divide’) and recently the app has emerged as a powerful distribution tool for new music. Fans who uncovered the hidden surprise along with fellow artists like Shawn Mendes helped hype the track before Sheeran released it later that night, writes Mashable. More artists are now starting to partner up with Snapchat to get their music played using innovative and fun engagement formats.

Creative Release Campaigns

Musicians and artists are now able to interact with their audience in various ways with the help of social media. This helps artists to release their music in non-traditional ways and to think of a lot more creative music releases to stand out from the crowd.
Kanye's 'living, breathing, changing, creative expression' that is The Life of Pablo took full advantage of the digital era to create a piece of work that was tweaked and finessed long after release, explains Charlotte Gunn, NME Digital Editor. With creative release campaigns, artists can now dictate what an album release looks for them and how they want to put out music to their fans.

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