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Top 5: Newcomers of 2017 (song reviews)

Jorja Smith – Imperfect Circle

Imperfect Circle is an R&B and Soul masterpiece vocally and musically. Jorja Smith, a teenager singer-songwriter, classically trained vocalist from West Midlands of England has pleasantly surprised her listeners and those who have just discovered her with the “Imperfect Circle”, the first single from her debut EP Project 11. The track that showcases Jorja’s soulful and hypnotising vocals, combined with the smooth, beautiful instrumentals and samples in a mesmerising production with the power to make you forget about the here and now. The lyrics of the track holds a powerful message that only Jorja knows how to tell to touch her listeners:

“I've seen too much news about abusing colour,

We're all a canvas would you paint me red if I was darker?

Too much blood spilt, it's like you can't escape the history,

What was once is now,

Now, just more eyes can see.”

“Imperfect Circle” will make you go round and round in circles like there is no place to go (as she sings..). Newcomer Jorja Smith is certainly one to watch in 2017.

LKA – Underwater

After successfully releasing singles Wildfire and Turbulence, LKA is introducing us to a new track. Underwater is a slow and dreamy but uplifting electro pop tune from LKA, Finland-born and raised in Tokyo singer-songwriter and producer who has collaborated with HANNAH to make this happen.

The young artist explains how being quite the introvert, her music is the only way she can truly express herself. According to LKA, Underwater is a song about love and commitment that we all tend to seek at some point in our lives.

“I’ve always been a bit of an “odd” one, as I’m a major introvert, so I never thought I’d find someone who gets me the way that my husband gets me. So, this is a song dedicated to him!”

The production of Underwater surely ticks all the boxes for me, from the beautiful and fragile vocal lines, performance and deep meaningful lyrics, to the surprisingly massive chorus with the cool synth elements and electronic beats. I’m adding Underwater to my pop playlist now.

Alice Jemima – Electric

I could not resist but have this song on repeat for over too many times.

Alice Jemima, a singer-songwriter from Devon has presented Electric on 27.10.2016. Her minimalist alternative/electro-pop craft has gained a lot of popularity over social media, BBC Radio 1 and music blogs including Clash Music. Electric is a reflection of a city at night. With a little bit of vintage touch, poetry and electro vibes, this song could be a perfect festival tune and has got that groove to the beat.

“Don’t stop you got something Electric baby
Hypnotised by what you got Electric
We could light this dark dark city up
Keep it Electric baby, Keep it Electric”

Alice Jemima has already proved herself in the music industry since releasing her self-funded EP in 2012 and experiencing a breakthrough in 2014 publishing a cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”.  Now she has teamed up with the producer Roy Kerr and is about to release new music in the New Year, so Alice Jemima is definitely one to keep an eye on. 

CLAY – Follow Me Down

In a song that invites you to sit back and relax following through CLAY’s journey where fear and stress doesn't exist, we can hear more than just a beat and a melody that so beautifully lingers on in our heads even when the music has already stopped. The 22-year-old singer, songwriter CLAY (Gabrielle Walter-Clay) has recently presented her second single release “Follow Me Down”, it’s an escapism song based on the Sirens of Greek mythology - “beautiful, female water creatures that lured the sailors in their boats to their watery death, explains CLAY.

“Come with me you will see

You will be set free…”

CLAY is letting anything that surrounds her to influence her music and wants to find new ways of writing music to grow exponentially.

San Francisco-based singer-songwriter who has studied at the Berklee College of Music is now working her way up in the music world and we are surely going to see more about this young and talented artist in 2017.

Kinder – Abounded

Abounded is a perfect song to heat up these cold winter nights and chill by the fireplace. This fresh composition by KINDER, a 24-year-old London-based singer-songwriter/producer is somewhat melodic meditation with words. KINDER has recently released his Debut EP Light which includes Abounded and five other beautiful compositions by the new talented artist that owns a voice full of soul.

“Who knew how powerful words could be

when you knocked me out for all to see

so kind and kept your trust in me

an angel sent down from above

screaming my name with abounded love”

Abounded is simply breathtaking composition I would suggest to anyone who likes soul and RnB vibes.

About the author:
Always being surrounded by music and words, Eliza is currently blogging, writing songs and keeping an eye on the new emerging talents in the music industry. Based in London, the culture capital of the world, she explores various music genres and cultures that reflect in her own work.

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